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 The Museum of the Chinese court of justice-- British Cultural Week
 在空间布局上把原有凹进去的空间进行整体遮挡,强调展厅大环境的整体感。入口处采用简洁的司法书籍雕塑的形式,结合LED 滚动屏幕,使观展者一进到前厅就对所展主题有了初步的了解。主展厅采用简约的欧式画框为主元素,进行艺术化夸大处理,配以咖啡色底色,使整个环境庄重大气。
 In the spatial layout, we should block the original concave space, and emphasize the overall sense of the environment in the exhibition hall. In the form of concise judicial books and sculptures, combined with LED rolling screen, the entry
hall will have a preliminary understanding of the theme when entering the hall. The main exhibition hall adopts the simple European style picture frame as the main element, carries on the artistic exaggeration processing, matches the coffee color background, causes the entire environment solemnly and the atmosphere

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