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Xia men Customs Museum
 1684 年(清康熙 23 年),清政府开放海禁,设立闽、粤海关。其中,闽海关为福建海关通称,初仅设福州、厦门两口,厦门口于1685 年5 月正式对外办公,其行政和业务由清政府派海关监督进行管理。厦门海关机构设立至今已有近 320 年历史。为追溯百年历史,还原海关事件、文化,厦门海关设立了博物馆,以专业的布展经验、深厚的人文理解和卓越的施工技艺展示该项目。
 In 1684 (Qin Dynasty Kangxi 23 years), the Qing government stopped the ban onmaritime trade or intercourse with foreign countries, setting up Fujian and Guangdong Customs, between which, Min Customs is general known as Fujian Customs,officially Fuzhou and Xiamen port were set. The port of Xiamen exerted external affairs officially in May,1685 , the administrative and operational duties are supervised and managed by the Qing government.It has been for nearly 320 years of history since Xiamen Customs Institution was established.
To trace back to a hundred years of history and restore customs matters, culture,Xiamen Customs set up the museum. relying on the professional exhibition experience and deep understanding of humanity and excellence of craftsmanship eventually to show the project.

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