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The cu lture in Ta oran ting Park ExhibitionExhibition
 30 平米展厅,要容纳30 件石刻的展示,肯定是不能都用实物,设计师通过真假、虚实、实物、图片、拓片、表格、展板、展览辅助手段来完成。以四面墙为四大分区,其中夹杂辅助手段若干,如多媒体、互动等。园内还有许多古迹文物,如青铜器、陶瓷器、古建筑、古树名木等,加上石刻碑碣等,完全可以把园史演绎得比较全面、连续不断。但如果把石雕石刻作为重点展示的话,则不能与园内其他展览发生冲突,应达到互相补充的作用。

30 square meters exhibition hall, to accommodate 30 pieces of stone carvings show, is certainly not in kind, must through the true and false, false or true, real, pictures, rubbings, forms, exhibition, exhibition auxiliary means
to complete. Park there are many sites of cultural relics, such as bronze ware, ceramics and fomous trees, ancient architectural structures, etc., and stone tablets, etc., can put the garden history more comprehensive and continuous.
But if the stone carving stone carvings show as the key, is not clashed with other exhibition garden, should reach the role of complement each other.

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